Bobby Madrigal- Contemporary Artist 

The work is centred around women and girls. A deep exploration and deconstruction of women’s language and their conversations to and about other women. The process of adolescence is of particular interest. 

 The conversations that echo through them both and what they mean in a subconsciously. The talking around girls as they are moving away and processing from childhood to adulthood.


Questioning what young women are absorbing from older women around them and what older women are seeing in their youth. Do they see themselves? what were their experiences? How do the young girls receive this stuff ?   is there nurture? is there tension?


 These experiences are interpreted with old painting techniques and referencing classical symbols. Implying hidden secrets happening around a 12 year old girl. Soon her world will fall apart. Are there any wise female voices around her?


Bobby's studies are both biographical and founded on active research. Looking at historical and cultural precedents and creating platforms to encourage discussion.  

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