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Updated: Mar 3

Dear Friends of Emily Boyce and her Illustrations!!!

I hope this finds you well and you are dealing with Lockdown satisfactorily! Its been a long time since I was last in touch. I'm writing to let you into some news of mine and to ask if you would like to continue to follow me in my venture through the art universe where possibilities really are limitless!

I appreciate that as I have changed tack from illustration that you may not want to receive my newsletters in the future - thats fine - Thank you for reading and please do unsubscribe below.

So, to my news!.. A year ago I made a very big decision to change my direction and to commit to work as a contemporary fine artist. This has been a frightening leap of faith which I am now so very excited by and am challenging myself in wonderful ways. Firstly, I have taken a new name. This enables me to to shed a role of illustrator and which has helped me start a fresh exciting work and distance myself from the styles of illustration I had used previously too.

I am now introducing you to the contemporary fine artist ….

Bobby Madrigal.!…..

(I will go into the reasons for this name in future posts if you like.)

During lockdown 1 I started a project close to my heart that of equality and disempowerment of women and girls. Alongside this I dived into studying oil paint techniques. I am so grateful to have had the time to work like this.

Over my future newsletters I will write more about my exploration and the new skills I'm developing. I cannot emphasis how emotionally hard this process has been and how I’ve needed a whole new mindset to move into this space. Well, here I am; a bloody good serious artist !! I hope you're happy to join me.

I'll be in touch...


Bobby Madrigal

(aka Emily !)

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